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    Children’s Art Classes

    These workshops will be facilitated by practicing artist and designer, Chloë Waddell who has curated a variety of fun and engaging activities for ages 6-12 years.

    Each week we will tackle a new project using different materials and different techniques. These projects are intentionally flexible and open ended to allow each child to find their own approach.

    With a focus on process and fun, the artworks produced each week may not always be finished masterpieces but a representation of the experimentation and play involved in exploring new materials and processes.

    Cafe Art Group

    These sessions are designed to provide an inclusive and safe place for marginalized artists seeking to develop their own practice or those interested in learning new creative skills.

    Facilitated by artist and designer, Chloë Waddel each week will have a flexible direction, adaptive to those in the group. This flexibility will allow participants with varied interest’s and skill levels to begin ongoing artworks or simply explore new techniques week-to-week.

    There is also an opportunity for artists to discuss their current works and creative practice.

    Artist Workshop (Adults)
    $5.00 AUD
    Artist Workshop (Adults)
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    Children's Art Workshop
    $15.00 AUD
    Children's Art Workshop
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